Shawn writes:

These are the three most recent titles from our pull list to get the axe.  What’s uncool is we had such high hopes for these comics.

1) Dial H had a great premise, but we were hoping the plots would be something like one-shots (or short runs) in the realm of Twilight Zone rather than a bad meth trip with lame characters.

2) Green Lantern revamped could have been a continuation of the popular Green Lantern from Smallville many readers grew to love.  Instead, fans were given weak plots with weak artwork.

3) Action Comics… what can we say about this title from the New 52 that hasn’t been said already?  The Superman that generations of our families grew to love and adore, the icon of Americana that was once embraced by the entire planet is dead and gone.  To grossly commemorate his passing is a comic which makes no sense as its plot jumps from one moment to the next in such a non-linear fashion that it makes readers work to understand it rather than to find themselves lost in it.

It’s been a year since DC introduced its New 52 and to be honest Rebecca and I have mixed feelings about the whole experience.  Though some titles tanked, still others held their own or improved over time.  However, as an opportunity to create a new continuity with which to introduce new readers to comics books, the reboot overall has failed.

Some changes to titles were necessary but non-existant, some changes to titles required subtlety not overhauls and somewhere in between those two extremes many origin stories were lost or bastardized. 

At present, we’re reviewing Green Lantern, Supergirl and Superman to determine if those titles will also drop from our pull list.

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