Shawn is a computer technician by trade with a background in graphic design and illustration.  Though he grew up with Marvel Comics and traditional roleplaying games, he’s blossomed like a butterfly into the foray of DC Comics and PC gaming.

Rebecca recently left the tedium and boredom of corporate life to become a stay-at-home supermom.  Though an avid musician and connoisseur of fine wines, Rebecca also appreciates a good zombie killing and looks forward to catching up on back issues of The Walking Dead and Batgirl.

Strengths:  Each other

Weaknesses:  Each other

First Appearance (Couple):  October 6th, 2007

First Team-Up (Married):  May 30th, 2010

Bonuses:  Rebecca gets +5 when shooting guns and gutting animals and +7 when racing cars.  Shawn gets +6 when fighting with an epee or rapier and +5 when using a bullwhip.

Current Interests:  Person of Interest, Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Dead Island, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Batman - Arkham City, Bioshock: Infinite, Left 4 Dead, Smallville, Tomb Raider and most anything Star Wars and Star Trek.